Brafa 2016

A backstage peek at Brafa

Every year, Maison Leysen unveils its most beautiful creations at Brafa. It’s a special time of the year for exhibitors and visitors alike. And, it’s likewise often a time for some unforgettable experiences that you can only come across in the world of luxury …

For almost 40 years, Maison Leysen has appeared amongst the loyal exhibitors of this unique show. From elegant guests, exclusive events and the exceptional items presented, everything is brought together for this glamorous event. Within this framework, no efforts are being spared to add even more prestige to the exhibition.

This is how 2 years ago, whilst Brafa was in full swing, a client on the Maison Leysen stand had an instant crush on an item of jewellery. Dazzled by the delicate work and the quality of the stones, he arranged to order the piece for collection the following evening. The next day would be his wife’s birthday, and he wanted to surprise her with this very special gift.

When the client returned the next day, he was welcomed by our team. It was only a few hours before the evening when he would present his wife with the stunnig jewellery. He made the purchase, and then we proceeded to open the cabinet in which the piece was displayed. Or rather, we tried. Unfortunately, the key got stuck in the lock. And there we were, with a man who now owned a beautiful piece of jewellery in a beautiful locked glass cabinet.

It all happened during the weekend, and it was too late to find a locksmith. Several solutions were discussed, but considering the short time frame available before the birthday celebration, there was only one plausible option. We would have to take the entire glass cabinet to this lady.

So, the glass cabinet and its precious contents were carefully transported to the restaurant hosting the birthday dinner. And it was there, having taken the necessary security measures, that this thoughtful husband was able to give his lucky wife her present, only presented in its own very special gift box.

Feel free to visit us at Brafa, we would love to see you there.