Lebeau-Courally watches

Manufacture d'horlogerie

Maxime Leysen: "Of course, the fact that it’s a very upmarket product ‘made in Belgium’ is in keeping with the spirit of the company but we were mainly attracted by the boldness and commitment of the brand owner, Joris Ide, who really persuaded us to be a partner to the project."

Did you know?

The Lebeau-Courally luxury watch collection shows several characteristics specific to the brand’s hunting traditions. The name of each watch model is that of a hunting weapon. The decorative component that houses the watch’s serial number, at 9 o’clock, is highly reminiscent of a gun key or safety catch. The dial echoes the typical grid pattern found on the butt of every Lebeau-Courally gun.
If you’d like to see the collection or find out more about the history of the brand, come and visit the Joaillerie Leysen at the Grand Sablon.