We specialize in bespoke

One of the special features of our sector and one of the main pleasures of our work is that we can offer our clients totally bespoke pieces of jewellery. At Leysen, every creation is the result of a real team effort. From the design to the choice of stones and materials, every stage is meticulously prepared with you before the jewel is born. Jewellery-making involves a wide range of rare craft skills (stone-cutters, gem cutters, engravers, gem-setters, etc.) and it is no surprise that an item of jewellery goes through many hands before it reaches those of the person who will wear it.

Bespoke without limitsBespoke without limits

Leysen illu creation
Leysen illu creation

Like the jewellers of yesteryear, our employees are attentive to your needs; they are there to understand what you want and turn your ideas into reality. While remaining loyal to the Leysen spirit, we place all our inspiration at your disposal to design the ring, necklace or bracelet that matches your unique sense of style. From baby’s chain bracelet to a set of diamond jewels, you can be sure that there are no limits to ability to make bespoke items.

Give a second life to your jewellery

Some drawers are full of broken or old items of jewellery that their owner no longer wishes to wear.
Why not give them a second life by turning grandmother’s ring or the diamond inherited from your mother into something else?
We’ll be pleased to welcome you to our Grand Sablon shop (no appointment required) to discuss your ideas with you. Our artist will draw up various sketches for you with no commitment on your part.

Whatever your ideas, we’ll be pleased to listen to you! Contact us now.

Leysen illu creation
Leysen illu creation