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More than jewels and diamonds,
we make stories

Driven by an ongoing concern for design and excellence, Maison Leysen sees fine jewellery as an art form. Because a jewel is much more than a simple accessory: you never tire of touching it and looking at it over the years. It gradually becomes a precious witness of the story of our lives. Whether you’re looking for a diamond, a ring, a necklace or a brooch, this wonderful object will be passed down from generation to generation. It will therefore carry in it a little something of every woman who has been lucky enough to wear it.

We believe that every customer is unique. We therefore take time to listen to you in order to meet your expectations to the full. Whatever your requirements and budget, your project deserves our attention. We are here to help you find your jewel. The Belgian Royal Family, crowned heads, celebrities and lovers of outstanding pieces have been coming to us for years. Maison Leysen offers everyone an individual welcome and the assurance of the utmost discretion.

More than jewels and diamonds,<br> we make stories
More than jewels and diamonds,
we make stories

A Family story

Values passed on
over 160 years

Maison Leysen is the story of a family told over the last 160 years: one of the last jewellery-making families in Belgium. This passion for outstanding jewellery has been handed down for 6 generations. Henri Leysen took over the helm over 40 years ago. He runs the family company with his son, Maxime.
Family values are central to our story, which is why we have always designed highly symbolic jewellery that is worn for the great occasions in family life: engagements, weddings, births, etc. All these occasions that need to be marked by a precious stone.

Henri et Maxime Leysen, père et fils
Henri et Maxime Leysen, père et fils

6 generations of jewellers6 generations of jewellers

Leysen Histoire
Leysen, l'histoire - photo 1

In 1855, Louis Leysen founded his Jewellery Workshop in Brussels: it was the beginning of a dynasty of jewellery designers. Since then, Maison Leysen has kept pace with changing times and made its mark as a leader in the field of fine jewellery.

In 1920, the founder’s three children, Louis, Henri, and Charles, decided to move the jewellery business to an elegant house in the heart of the capital, a short walk from the Grand-Place. Maison Leysen began to attract a large and prestigious clientele.

In 1950, Jacques and Pierre took over the business. Leysen jewellery was beginning to attract the elite and show business personalities and the collection expanded.

In 1972, it was the turn of Henri Leysen, Jacques’ son, to make his mark on the company’s history. This Master Jeweller carried on the pursuit of excellence that was the hallmark of the company and spread his prestige abroad.

Leysen Histoire
Leysen, l'histoire - photo 2
Leysen Histoire
Leysen, l'histoire - photo 3

In 1982, Henri Leysen, who had become the patented supplier to the Belgian Court, moved to the Place du Grand Sablon, one of the capital’s most elegant squares.

In 2005, Henri Leysen and his children took the family business into a new dimension with the “L-Square” shop, which offered an “Haute Couture” collection at no. 32 Place du Grand Sablon.

In 2012, Maxime Leysen moved the jewellers’ to the 1st floor of no. 32 Place du Grand Sablon, just above the “L-Square” shop. The premises cover more than 200 square metres and are now dedicated to jewellery.

Leysen Histoire
Leysen, l'histoire - photo 4

100% Belgian

Jewellery made in the heart of Brussels

Maison Leysen has always been established in Brussels. 40 years ago, it moved to one of the city’s finest squares, the Place du Sablon.
All our jewellery is made by hand in our workshops in Belgium. We take particular care in choosing our stones. They are shaped to our own drawings by our craftsmen, who work with distinction in all the fine jewellery and goldsmith’s trades.
Years of know-how have led Henri Leysen to be one of the patented suppliers to the Court. The company is also a member of the “Brussels Exclusive Labels”, which is made up of all the capital’s most prestigious businesses.

Warrant Holder of the Court of Belgium
Warrant Holder of the Court of Belgium