Bespoke jewellery


Since 1855 Maison Leysen has been welcoming people wanting to celebrate an occasion in their lives with a precious souvenir. Fiancés with shining eyes planning their wedding in front of our window. Future fathers, full of joy, dreaming of spoiling a young mother, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Almost a year ago, just as marriage season was starting, three pretty young girls sharing a family resemblance came into the Leysen boutique. We settled them comfortably in Maxime Leysen’s office where he joined them within moments. The eldest of the three talked about the link the three of them shared.

All three, Alix, Marie and Pauline were engaged and then married in turn during their thirties. Before their weddings, their mother, Dominique, helped each of them to choose and alter the perfect white dress for their big day. She tirelessly found florists to decorate tables, held never-ending meetings with printers over satin finish for one and vellum paper for another, finalised menus and watched over the lace veils during the ceremony to ensure that the photos turned out well.

Then, shortly after their wedding each of the three sisters flew off in the arms of their husbands to exotic destinations. Dominique felt a pinch of sadness in her heart but at the same time fierce pride. Then the grandchildren came along and Dominique showed her daughters a side of her they hadn’t seen before, that of a grandmother, available, happy and full of life. Alix, Marie and Pauline, in becoming mothers themselves understood everything Dominque had lived through and given to them.

Last year when Dominique was about to celebrate her 65th birthday her daughters came to see us. They wanted to give her a precious jewel from the three of them as a testimony of their love and appreciation for everything she had done for them. Maxime Leyson was moved by their story and took them to see Renata Stinglhamber who designed a dazzling pendant set with 3 magnificent emeralds. One for each of her daughters. Maxime helped each of the girls to choose an emerald they liked to represent themselves. Dimitri and Fred, who are in charge of the atelier, personally explained how to look after the jewel when they handed it over to the sisters.

Alix, Marie and Pauline gave their mother such a beautiful surprise last year that she cried tears of joy, and wrote a letter to us thanking our team. Those are the kind of details that are infinitely precious to us and this is the kind of project that makes our profession feel so worthwhile.

We would like to thank them all for allowing us to share their story with you.