How do you choose the right engagement ring?

engagement ring

There's no clear-cut rule when it comes to giving an engagement ring. However, certain traditions remain deeply rooted.

One of which is the proposal.

Tradition dictates that a man get down on one knee to pop the question. This practice dates back to medieval times. Knights would kneel when they addressed their Lord. It was a sign of respect, obedience, and loyalty. This display was also conducted during religious ceremonies. At the time, marriage and religion went very much hand in hand.

It was therefore only natural for a gentleman to kneel as he declared his eternal love for his bride.

The proposal remains significant to this day, but grooms no longer follow a rule book. Originality has become increasingly important in order to make the occasion as special as can be.


Another tradition is the engagement ring.

In the Middle Ages, the tradition was to exchange a simple band. The first woman ever to wear a diamond ring was Agnes of Sorel (1422-1450). The diamond would then become the symbol of fidelity.

The most traditional engagement ring is a solitaire. With the round-cut diamond remaining very popular.

Today, couples can choose from all manner of shapes, sizes, and types of stones.

At Leysen, it isn’t unusual to see colourful stones replacing diamonds. The choice is yours; oval, emerald, or princess cut… you’re no longer bound to the classic diamond. Originality and uniqueness have taken precedence over tradition.


A big surprise or joint decision?

At Leysen, we have made thousands of engagement rings and witnessed countless love stories over the course of our 165-year history.

Many men dream of a surprise, and so select the ring secretly. Choosing the right stone is always daunting when it comes to selecting a ring, but our experienced jewellers are on hand to facilitate the process.

Nothing compares to seeing the look of pure wonderment on your loved one's face. This is why so many people are attached to the surprise element when they imagine their proposal.

However, it is becoming ever more common to see couples entering jewellery stores together for this important milestone. If a surprise is not part of their tale, the excitement and joy of choosing the ring together is just as precious.

Couples may have a multitude of reasons for choosing to pick out a ring together.

Sharing this moment creates a once in a lifetime experience that will forever be part of their love story.

Selecting the perfect ring is not always easy. Many women aren't really sure of their tastes until they try on a range of different engagement ring styles. It is through listening to and considering each other's opinions that you will be able to choose a piece of jewellery that perfectly represents your relationship.

Sometimes, the bride-to-be will come to choose the setting that best suits the family stone that has been passed down to her.

Surprises are magical, but making a selection together also means sharing a precious experience.


How do you maintain the surprise element and make sure not to disappoint?

In order to enjoy the best of both worlds, some people choose to propose with a simpler, temporary ring. Once the surprise has been unveiled, they visit Leysen as a couple to choose the true engagement ring.

Choosing a ring is personal to each couple, and there are no fixed rules to follow. Celebrating the love between two souls as they embark on a glorious love story is the essence of any proposal.