How to choose the right engagement ring?


It’s the most precious jewel of them all. It symbolises the plan for a shared lifetime of love. Little girls dream of it and sometimes when they get older, they actually get to choose one.

It’s the moment she’s been waiting for; an image she’s been dreaming about. A smiling young girl stands in front of a host of sparkling precious stones, indicating to her fiancé the one which will shimmer on her hand for life. This joyous moment should be perfect and here are a few recommendations to ensure that it is.

To start with, the lady in question should do a little research (not exactly a chore!): spend some time looking at websites and jewellery magazines so that she can figure out what type of ring she prefers and maybe even decide which kind of setting she would like.

Next you have to think about the stone. A diamond isn’t the only option. We’ve seen hands decorated with sapphires reminiscent of the Pacific Ocean, rubies as red as the most passionate romance and often other stunning precious stones. This brings us on to another crucial point in this quest for the perfect jewel: determining a price range.

The team at Maison Leysen is committed to helping all of its customers find the perfect piece considering the kind of expenditure they’re prepared to make.

If you want to enjoy picking out an engagement ring together it is important to establish a price range beforehand. This way we can guide each person and help them find the perfect item.

There are two other important points to consider. The first is the choice of jeweller. In the world of jewellery, you should always be careful with your purchases. The second is to not be swayed by outside pressure. When a fiancee chooses her ring, her sisters, friends, in-laws, neighbours, mother and cousins may try to encourage her to make a particular choice. Yet, she is the one who will own this precious treasure forever and to fully enjoy it, and therefore, she should only listen to her heart.

Just like always ;-)