Is it advisable to wear jewellery whilst exercising?


Whilst we have full confidence in our production and the quality of the materials we use, we still think it is essential to be cautious: fundamentally, a piece of jewellery is fairly fragile.


Let's take a ring, for example. As gold is inherently fine and soft, you should take great care when taking part in certain sports which could risk causing repetitive impacts or deform the circular shape of the ring. Sports such as tennis, golf or hockey could weaken your ring. Similarly, you should avoid using certain DIY or gardening tools.


Rings are not the only things at risk when exercising. A bracelet or watch could suffer impacts, whilst a necklace could be irreversibly twisted or catch on something and break. Also bear in mind that certain stones are more fragile than others. For example, emeralds are the most delicate of all precious stones.


You may of course choose not to wear your jewellery as it's more comfortable without it. Exercising may cause the fingers or wrists to swell slightly.


As a general rule, we would advise having your jewellery regularly checked at our workshop. Your piece of jewellery may well have been subject to slight unnoticeable knocks which could weaken it or even cause a claw to break. This means that you run the risk of losing a stone or no longer trust your clasp to fasten properly. If you are worried in any way, simply pop into our workshop for reassurance – even if your piece of jewellery is not made by Leysen.