Wedding tip

On which hand should you wear your wedding ring?

Have you said “yes” to the man in your life? One of the many preparations you have to make is to think about your wedding rings, but do you know why wedding rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand?

We’ve done a bit of research into this ancient custom and come up with a number of stories from different civilizations and eras to explain it. Here are our favourites:
We need to go back to Antiquity to find the origin of the exchange of rings at a wedding, the material symbol of the commitment and love that each spouse brings the other.

The Hebrews placed the wedding ring on the forefinger, while in India it was worn on the thumb. The Western custom by which the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger originated with the Greeks.
They believed that this finger contained a vein that led straight to the heart, known as the “vein of love” (Vena Amoris). Therefore, wearing your wedding ring on your ring finger created a link between your finger and your heart, the seat of all your feelings.
The Asian countries believed that each finger symbolized a being. The thumbs are the parents, the foundation of everything, the forefingers our brothers and sisters, who have seen us grow up and the third fingers symbolize us, they represent the middle of our hands. The ring fingers symbolize our partner and the little fingers are our children. We therefore naturally wear our wedding ring on the partner’s finger. As the heart is on the left-hand side, we once again find the same tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand.

These are, of course, customs, and if you decide to wear your wedding ring on your right hand, no one’s going to get upset about it!