Leysen, Official Supplier to the Belgian Court

During the 80s, the Royal Palace awarded Henri Leysen the Court Supplier certificate. It was the result of a long-standing collaboration between the jeweller and several of our sovereigns.

Among the many great pleasures Henri Leysen has experienced over his career as a jeweller, one of them has surpassed all the others: becoming appointed Official Supplier to the Belgian Court. To remain worthy of it, he has worked through Maison Leysen, since the reign of King Baudouin, to offer each of his customers a service of irreproachable quality.

The label is only granted under certain conditions. In Belgium, it may only be awarded to a private individual or to someone who occupies a senior management position in a company. It is, therefore, all about personal reputation. Henri Leysen uses his know-how every day to be worthy of it. And he makes sure to pass on all his skills and enthusiasm to his son Maxime, who represents the sixth generation of jewellers in the family.

In order to obtain the Official Supplier to the Belgian Court title, you need to send in an application. And every time a new sovereign replaces the previous one, or, if a certificate-holder dies or leaves his job, re-application is required. Also, since 2000, certificates are reviewed every 5 years.

Maison Leysen is very grateful to the Belgian Court for granting it the privilege of its trust, and makes every effort to keep all the services its team performs concentrated in the heart of Brussels.

It is a way, for the company, to express its gratitude to the country.

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